Debit Card Skimming Prevention Tips

Be alert!

Debit card skimming activity has increased in North Texas and we are beginning to see signs of it in East Texas as well. When setting up a skimming scam, crooks attach a device to the debit and credit card scanners at ATMs, gas pumps and other merchant pay stations that “skim” and capture card information, including PINs. Crooks can then sell this data to other crooks, usually from out of state. Card information is then used by the crooks to create cards that are used to withdrawal cash and make purchases. PIN based transactions are usually non-recoverable once an account is compromised.

While the threat of these scams is real, there are steps you can take to make yourself aware and guard yourself against being a victim of skimming.

  • Use your debit card as credit when possible. Sign for the transaction rather than use your PIN.
  • Skimming devices will often fit on top of the machine’s original card scanner. If the machine or card reader look to be tampered with, do not use it.
  • For security purposes, BankTexas debit cart daily limits are set to $400 for cash and $750 for purchases. If you request an increase in your daily limit to make a purchase, call to confirm that your limit is lowered once your purchase is complete.
  • Notify the bank immediately if you see suspicious activity on your statement.
  • Keep your contact information with the bank up-to-date so you may be reached if suspicious activity is detected on your debit card.
  • Notify the bank if you plan to travel so your unusual location will not lead to your card being blocked.

Following these simple steps can help protect you from becoming a victim of skimming and other fraudulent activities. As always, please contact us at 903-763-2264 with any questions.

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